Sealed Lips

by Kadinechristie

I had a great conversation with my sister 

clicked over and talked to Zuri calling from Spain 

hung up and had a long talk with Zahara on the couch.

My mouth had been moving non-stop

for at least five hours– 

forming one sentence after the other

racing from one conversation to the next

and then


exhaustion struck me.

Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

“I don’t think you can do it,” Markolee teased.

When I declared I would not talk for an hour. 

I set the timer for sixty minutes

sat on the couch and 

sealed my lips 

for an hour of silence.

A thought forms in my head

and flutters like a butterfly around the periphery of my mind

I admire it’s ephemeral wings 

then I watch it

flying free–away from me. 

A Creek in the Woods

“I can’t wait till later,” the letter I have to write, print, and post screeches from my desk.

It chirps loudly, like a cardinal in the spring, but not as melodiously. 

I listen as it shrieks 

Then I watch as it flies away from me

carrying its songs to a distant land.

Tom Sawyer’s RV Park

The timer beeps, announcing my hour has come to an end 

I take a deep breath and release it slowly

And listen as it stretches on like a sweet song of rest.

I push out even further, emptying my lungs of air

and realize

I’ll miss this lovely hour of not talking

And this garden in my mind.

May you find peace within and around you.


I sealed my lips and gave my mouth some time to rest. How do you rest?


Writing about the first night Ontonio and I spent together had me in my feelings this week. Like damn– those early nerves, the yearning, and desire all balled into one was pretty intense. It’s insane to think we are almost seventeen years away from that first night. 

Reflect with your lover today on the first night you spent together. 


“If you want a bit of steam in a novel the skin must flush and the pulse must race- for the characters and for readers.”  The Dictionary of Lost Words

I read the above sentence after I wrote the last chapter in my manuscript. It confirmed my decision to add a steamy last chapter that had me biting my fingers, like…Ooooh!  Did I really write that? 


The poem I’m reading this week is an excerpt from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Thanks again my dear friends for sharing the poems that are near and dear to your hearts. 

Keep sending me your favorite poems and I will record them in the upcoming weeks. 

Speak of Talking



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I’m super thankful for all your support, encouraging comments, your expressions of gratitude, and your financial contributions. 


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Next Breath

Kadine Christie

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