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Going to the Pharmacie in Paris and Where Parisians Shop

Markolee started coughing yesterday as he does this time of year. I went into full panic mode—stress cleaning, lysoling everything, and buying medicine.

I was ready to spend fifteen dollars on  a bottle of cough medicine, when the Pharmacist said 3€. My eyes blew up like a balloon and she laughed. 

“All Americans respond ZIS way…Medicine is cheaper in France.”

Markolee didn’t cough through the night, but still, when Ontonio asked if I wanted to go for a walk this morning, I said no. I wanted to stay home just in case. 

“I found what you’ve been looking for…” he texted, with the photo above! 

As a Jamaican, it means EVERYTHING to see foods from the earth — ripe plantains, green bananas, yams. Ground provisions are a main staple of our diet. 

“Meet me at my favorite Boulangerie,” his next text reads. I checked in on Markolee. He is still sleeping and so are the girls. I shook the guilt off and left.

It felt romantic walking in the rain, to meet my lover at a cafe in Paris. He smiled this gorgeous smile when he saw me. Then before I got to him, he walked inside, ordered my espresso and pastry. 

We found where the Parisians shop.

I walked through four continents and the Caribbean islands in an hour.

I took this photo at an Asian store. 

Why the different colors in chicken?? The yellowish chicken feeds on corn and the white chicken feeds on wheat!  Mind BLOWN. 🤯 

I had no idea what this was, but it made me think of Jamaican guineps. 

Quail Eggs

I like chicken foot soup. But Ontonio HATES it. I made it for the kids once and he watched in horror as they tried it. They have sided with him, so I haven’t made it in years.

Some olive oil, garlic and white wine and this frozen package of squid would be finger-licking DELICIOUS!

Seaweed? Doesn’t look like the ones I’ve been snacking on. 

Dirty Potatoes? 

This farmer was not about to spend hours washing these

potatoes for anyone to feel comfortable.  Interestingly, it’s the same with eggs.

This is NOT a yam. It is a potato.

The Inside of this potato is not yellow, it is white. Roast it on a wood fire, sprinkle a little salt, and I’m a happy woman. It is one of my favorites. Fun fact. Roasted Potatoes have the same flavor profile as roasted chestnuts in Spain. 

Until Next Time,

Be Well

Kadine Christie 

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