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14th Birthday in Paris and French Grandmother’s Authentic Crepe Recipe 

Welcome to My Paris Journal: Day 16

You remember Zuri’s French friend, Heidi? She sent me a photo of her grandmother’s Gabriella Crêpe recipe. I don’t need to tell you how Authentic it is:-)

I had several questions, and Heidi was gracious enough to voiced-messaged a few important details that weren’t written on paper. 

I converted the measurements from grams and liters to cups. 

The liquid ingredients felt way too much for dry ingredient. I wanted to go with my own mind and balance the measurements, but I followed the Grandma Gabriella recipe… and I’m happy I did! 

In the end, Ontonio said he liked my crepe better than the one he ate last week. The kids, especially the Birthday Boy, agreed. He ate two with Nutnella. 

Fourteen years ago, on July 4th, I gave birth (NATURALLY. NO EPIDURAL) to a 9lb 10oz beautiful baby boy.  Markolee was born with a heart shaped birthmark on his left arm. He is my moonchild. He sees tiny details, feels and cares deeply, and says what he means and delivers it with gentleness. He is a gentle soul and it’s my absolute pleasure, watching him grow. 

We took the Metro to Montmartre for Markolee’s birthday. 

Montmartre is the highest point in Paris.

From here, we saw the entire city splayed before us like an open book.

The rain drizzled as we joined the line to view the inside of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Like a safe harbor, the massive and magnificent church saved us from the downpour. 

We ate lunch at Rita. 

Ontonio and Markolee led the way up this 112 step staircase. I stopped five times and Markolee cheered me on!

This is his face after he tasted my espresso. ( LOL) Luckily Daddy brought them a sweet treat to take the bitterness away.

Also, I don’t get to see Zahara without her glasses often. So here is my middle baby popping up front and center today.

I cried. Like boo-boo cried at the sight of Zahara’s beauty. 

Yes. You are seeing fine. She is taller than me:-)

Until Next time, 

Be Well


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