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Strange Weather in Paris and Notes from our French Neighbors

 Welcome to My Paris Journal: Day 17

I was not prepared for the strange-everchanging-weather in Paris. 

It’s like instead of temperature, the weather app should say: 

wear a hoodie over a crop top

Jeans over shorts 

wear boots, bring sandals

be prepared to use all items at once, and be nude at some point. 

Also, don’t leave home without an umbrella. (Trust me on the latter).

A few days ago, the weather lost its mind and blew cold 🥶 air all day. My  closet failed me, and I borrowed jeans from Zahara and a hoodie from Ontonio. It became a joke that all I needed was something from Markolee and Zuri, so I fixed that little issue. I borrowed gold earrings from Zuri, and a bracelet from Markolee:-) 

A door red knob, two eyes, and a cactus sitting in a window. So simple. It made me smile, so I had to share. 

Ontonio and I went out for coffee and I stuck out like a tourist. It was so cold, I wore my Paris sweatshirt. (Fun fact: While some people collect shot glasses and coasters when they travel, I collect sweatshirts). 

Interestingly, people here wear clothing with English words like— California, New York, Back the F Up, LOVE! 

When we came back to the apartment, there was a note taped to our door.

Our neighbor Eric wrote: 

The bred that we eat called baguette, is now very bad ☹️ 

He explained the difference between the baguette we know and the traditional baguettes. He also shared  his two favorite Boulangerie( bakery) and Brasserie(French restaurants). 

We were eating dinner when someone knocked on our door. It was Eric and his wife. Unlike Eric who moved to Paris, from another region in France, Marianne was born and raised in Paris. She had a list of her own. They promise to bring a list of wine, and I really looking forward to it.

Until Next time,

Be Well, 


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