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A Walk Through Paris: From Moulin Rouge to Monseau

Four of us ventured out today.

Zahara stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well. She is officially three months into her sixteenth year, so, she was more excited to see us go, more than we were sad to leave her. 

We boarded the M2 train at Colonel Fabien. It was crowded, we held on to the pole for while. Then finally Zuri and I got a seat right beside each other- which is treat on the metro.

We unboarded at Blanche…

the home of Moulin Rouge, one of the most famous Parisian cabarets, in the heart of the Montmartre district. Makes me want to watch the movie again because the price of the tickets are 200-1200 Europe.

I found this checkered road so much fun!! All we’d need to play checkers are those party-size pieces.  

Bags and fans.

It’s so hot here, people really do use their fans. 

I love rings and I can not lie!

I’m searching for my Parisian ring. So far, I have a turquoise and silver ring from Italy and a silver one with three stars (one for each of my babies) from Spain. It’s so titillating to know my ring is out there, waiting for me. I will keep you posted on when we meet. 

Each little city seem to have a statue of some sort. 

There is a major road, then there are all these alleys that extend beyond view. 

Ontonio LOVES walking. And it seems Markolee does too. 

There is a fashion faux pas about not mixing metals. I don’t see why not. I actually like the contrast of this mannequin’s silver head and gold chains. Wear what you please.

I adore an elaborate door. 

It just says Welcome, in the grandiose way I like to be invited into a space. 

Let’s talk about Art in the Window.

It’s the typewriter that first caught attention. 

then there was Bob Marley… In Paris.

Sometimes I wish I liked sweets… but it doesn’t stop me from admiring them at the street market.

Floating tomatoes and colorful dresses!   

Then we came upon Parc Monceau. The tall and black gates with gold accents opens up to children swinging on trees, lovers on blankets, flowers bed cascading from one to the other, waterfall, lilly pads, a man serenading his girl with a guitar.

I’ve been using the sound of rain as meditation before sleep, so this very real waterfall flowing between rocks, over and down into a pond, was a real treat.

I greet trees. 

I say hello, then I thank them.

To think, a tree will outlive so many of us—and they will keep our secrets of the time we laid under her shade with a lover.

Orange was the color of the day!! I just had to and they were so willing. Love them:-)

Those two tiny black specks are actually ducklings learning how to swim. Mama duck was watching from the bank.

These girls were refilling balloons to throw at each other. This was just after we passed four little girls digging a hole in the dirt with their hands. The kid in me wanted to play, but I calmed her down.

Until Next time,

Be Well


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