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Unforgettable Tour of Paris By French Friends

Welcome to My Paris Journal: Day 11 

Zuri met Thelma and Heidi, international students, at University of South Florida last semester. I am officially a strong spokesperson for study abroad programs. It brings young people together, challenge them to learn and grow in different setting and introduce them people they would not have otherwise met.( I still love that Zuri garnered friends from her time in Spain and now she also have friends in Paris).

I knew of the girls before. Zuri introduced me to Thelma on FaceTime, and it was always a pleasure speaking to her. Then when Zuri told Heidi we were coming to France, she wrote a detailed list of places to go—all with heart-shaped ratings of her personal favorites. The note alone made me appreciate Heidi’s passion to share her world us.

We met Thelma at the Louvre, and I recognized her right away because of her smile:-). 

Heidi arrived minutes later. She is a vibrant soul. Right away, she had two places she wanted take us.

We drank coffee and ate pastries— my new favorite is Pain aux Raisin. 

While Zuri reminisced with her friends, Ontonio fussed with the pigeons who were trying to be our guests.  Then we WALKED (12,561 steps at the end of day). As an artist’s wife, I take every opportunity to view the art on display. I know the woman statue is up front and personal here, but zoom in and take a look at the canvas in the back. The colorful houses made me think of the ones I saw in Burano, Italy. It says community to me– something we all desire to be a part of.


We arrived at the Tuileries Garden.

I thought I would be able to run through this lavender field but it appears lavender aroma and buzzing bees goes hand in hand.

This vent blew up air and sent dresses over heads. I was so giddy I wore my shorts, so I could enjoy the cool air. 

I can not explain the magnitude of Galeries Lafayette. It’s seven floors of shopping for those who delight in the glimmer and glams of designer this or designer that. ( I spotted a bracelet for 90,000 Euros and it was my clue to head up the rooftop where a magnificent view of Paris is FREE.

I was mesmerized by the ceiling inside the building.

We spotted the Eiffel Tower in the distance from the rooftop.

It’s a blurry view but the two structure side by side is Notre Dame Cathedral.

This is upclose today. 


Until next time

Be well


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