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I’ve been published in the NEW YORK TIMES

A few weeks ago when the Modern Love Editor reached out to me, via email, my kids had just gone to bed. I screamed with such excitement, they ran out of their rooms to see about me.
We held hands, jumped, and screamed together.

The next two weeks were a series of phone calls, emails, and edits that ended with a contract.

“It’s such a great story that was wisely written,” he said in one of our conversations. I am grateful for him, and all the editors at the New York Times that made it possible for my story to reach the world.

I am also grateful to my husband, who makes me coffee every morning, and who reminds me to, “Just write, babe.”


  • Coral
    Posted April 17, 2021 at 7:26 am

    Hi Kadine,

    I also found your incredible story via the NYT. Your writing is just lovely and I’m enjoying reading your posts so much.
    I just know you are always going to brighten my Inbox!
    warm wishes from South Africa
    PS: Your kids are beautiful!

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