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Make Time to Be With Our Parents

A few months back, 

Ontonio and I were dreaming up the best ways to spend our days during our transition. 

We decided to beach hop and make time to BE with each of our parents. 

We beach hopped and spent two WONDERFUL weeks with my mother in Florida. 

A few days ago, we landed in Montego Bay. We   took a panic-inducing drive up the snake-like road to Cascade. 

Since Ontonio learned to drive here, he took to the road like a champ, guffawing and excited the entire way. I, on the other hand, needed a Valium and a shot of the strongest rum. Since I had neither, I gripped the seat, winced, and screamed the entire trip! 

Upon reflection, I am amazed by our ancestors who fled the water’s edge and found freedom in the mountains.

They made a path with their bare feet

built colorful homes in places unseen by tourists. Each time I make it up here, where the mountains meet the clouds, I’m proud to be descendants of people who carved out a path when there was none! 

The last time I was in Cascade, the mud ate my shoes. This time I came prepared with my boots. 

Ten minutes before I snapped this photo, everything was covered in fog. The fog moved slowing, unveiling all that beauty in the background.

In all my years of scaling and cleaning fish, I have never seen the proverb, “Big Fish Eat Liittle Fish” in person. 

Marko pulled water from the tank. We used it to wash the fish Ontonio and I scaled and cleaned for dinner. 

Picking SNACK. 

Ontonio picked more than me. 

This is Marko’s first time eating guavas. Since O likes his far too ripe for my taste and I like mine green, Marko tried both. He liked mine more:-) 

Marko found his favorite spot, on the rooftop, overlooking his grandfather’s land.  

The sun shining through the almond tree. 

Greenery dressed in the golden hour. 

Green banana is one of my favorite foods. A few more days, and this bunch will be breaksfast. 

Ontonio and I caught tadpoles in this pond as children. The water is still crystal clear, just as I remembered it.

Until next time. 

I will be


Eating well

Taking in the wealth of this land

And trembling through some ice-cold showers (think that called cryotherapy in the states. 

❤️ From Kadine in 🇯🇲

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