Saying What I Want and Slaying It

by Kadinechristie

I want take long drives with my lover— 

to feel his hand on my thighs

to hear his voice joining mine,

in a duet, 

as we sing along with songs that encapsulates 

the soundtrack of our years together.

I want to listen 

as he pulls words from his heart 

and tell me about his dreads, dreams, and desires.

I want to wear fancy dresses 

without being asked where I’m going —

like stepping into a new day isn’t reason 

enough to adorn my flesh in fine fabrics.

I want eye conversations that make my lips curl. 

suggestive glances,

seductive smiles,

slow kisses

and skin-to-skin conversations. 

I want to dine at a table draped in white —

silver utensils, 

square plates, 

thin rimmed glass that makes my lips feel at home. 

I want to take my taste buds on a journey—

to introduce them to the depth of bitters

And the variations of sweetness on my tongue.

I want to engage all my senses 

to live loudly in my body 

under these stars

in this divine lifetime.  


What are some wants you might be shy to speak about or ask for? 


I absolutely love hearing from you. Thank you for all the great feedback from my last blog post and for sharing some of your favorites snacks with me. I did put a few new items on my grocery list.


I love getting emails. Thank You:-) 

However, when you leave a comment, preferably five words or more, Google recognizes my blog as an interactive website and ranks me higher on the search engine. Simply put, a comment is an easy way to support me. Much love for helping me grow.


I’m super thankful for all your support — your encouraging comments, your expressions of gratitude, and your financial contributions. 



  • Yayyy…I met my deadline and completed part two of my manuscript.  
  • Hope of Renewal, a piece I wrote, was published last year in the Upper Room Devotional. I was thrilled to read through the comments and know that my words brought hope to so many during the pandemic. 
  • Three of my articles will appear online in iMOM this fall. Be on the lookout for 3 Ways to Teach Your Children to be Compassionate, Connect With Your Spouse using Ally, and 6 Easy Ways to Notice Your Spouse. I share the link when they are published.


When I find an author I like, I binge read their work. After reading Erotic Stories for Punjabi Woman by Balli Kaur Jaswal, I had to find her other books. This week, I’m reading The Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters


  • Is it me or is Virgin River on Netflix just stretching on and on like a never ending rubberband?  
  • I saw the trailer for the new Chef’s Kitchen and I salivated at the screen. I love this series because it is not just about food– it’s about people pursuing their craft, failing at some point but GETTING back up in a new way. 
  • I watched David A. Arnold: It Ain’t For the Weak on Netflix a few weeks back. He was HILARIOUS. Unfortunately, his death was overshadowed by the Queen’s this past week. If you’re looking for great storytelling via the fine art of stand-up comedy, check out his special with a loved one this weekend. If you do, laughter is in your future. What are you watching?


My hubby, Ontonio Christie, the artist and entrepreneur, created this beautiful blog for me. If you or someone you know would like a logo or website designed, check him out at Also check out his art at


This week’s poem is from Rupi Kaur’s second book, the sun and her flowers . Enjoy! Remember to send me some of your favorite poems so I can read them in the upcoming weeks.

Say what you want — no matter how simple or extravagant.

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Next Breath

Kadine Christie

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