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Bois De Vincennes– the Largest Green Space in Paris

Welcome to My Paris Journal: Day 19

 “Let’s start walking this way and see what OPENS up.” Ontonio said when we got off the Metro. We headed towards Bois De Vincennes, the largest green space in eastern Paris. 

Friends, we walkkkkkkked a long time. 

“I hate the wilderness,” Markolee said when something poked him.

“We are walking through Texas on the hottest day of the year…” another teenager joked. 

Then, shade appeared and so does a glimpse of water. 

The waterfall

The boats

Father and son on a bench. 


Our neighbors showed up not long after. A man dressed in full cream and brown dress shoes unfolded a table, hung his garbage bag, and turned up his music. He popped a bottle, poured wine, sliced sausage, and spread something onto crackers. 

The radio played

 “I won’t forget you…”

“Last night the DJ saved my life…” 

And the three French friends sang along in English. Ontonio and the man-in-cream had a random dance off. Music and laughter merged two set of strangers. We spoke in nods and dance moves afterwards.

I find such joy hanging out with one child at a time. Zahara and I spoke about our dreams, entrepreneurship, our writing, what we think each other is GREAT at, and how we can help each other fulfill our dreams. 

“Magnifique,” our neighbor-in-cream said as he took a photo of me and the girls. As we were packing up to leave, three other ladies showed up. This man is the main character in the novel in my head.  “The man and five French women.” Ooooooh. I would read it. Would you? 

The wall was full of photos taken during the pandemic. This photo of two masked men caught my eye. 

Across from the pandemic photo wall, the chatter and laughter of friends gathered on the canal is vibrant, loud, and cheerful. I will miss the way the parks, canal, and staircases fill up with humans who understand the value of connection.  

Ontonio and I have decided that we need JUST FOR US TIME, each day. We ended the night with a drink from our favorite spot, Le Bistro Fab. 

“Until Next Time,

Be Well


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