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Fresh Fruits in France and First Time Eating Quail

Welcome to My Paris Journal Day 20

Have you ever eaten,

or shall I say, 

delighted in a fruit so seductively sweet, 

you were compelled to share it with someone you love? 

Ontonio was wide eyed and in awe of the peach’ sweetness. (Cue inside cleverness here because Sweetness happens to be lovely husband’s name in my phone). 

One slow bite at a time,

I savored the peach and thanked the tree, flower, seed, sun, farmer and hands that carried it to the market for me.  

Did you notice the markings on this cantaloupe is a perfect slice? Like the cantaloupe speaks!!! It tells you how to eat it. 

I ordered cantaloupe tartare at a restaurant and have been making this very simple dish at home ever since. The sweet melon paired with salty prosciutto is a perfect palate pleaser. 

I’m going to miss orange juice here. I picked up an empty bottle, pressed a button, and machine pressed the juice out the oranges right in front of me.

Chef Markolee and I made Quail for the first time. We butterflied, cleaned, floured, and fried them. Then we made the

white wine sauce together. Its was a hit. A dish we would eat again.


I love our time together in kitchen. 

It’s like we communicate on another level when we talk about food. 

Ontonio and I went to my favorite spot for JUST US TIME last night. I ordered a drink with passion fruit and OH my!! 

I ordered a drink that had Passion fruit and let me tell you, Passion fruit has grit. It made me fall in love with its tartness, it’s weird crunchy seed, strange texture, and that taste that can’t be compared to anything else. It made me think about passion-infused kisses and the fragrance of love. 

Until Next time,

Savor a fruit with a loved one

Channel your inner passion. Share it. 

+ Be well


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