Delayed Bounty

by Kadinechristie
“We’ve been picking grapefruits 

from your tree for twenty years,”

a neighbor said when we moved into our new home.“

I hope you won’t mind sharing with us this year.” 

“Of course not,”

I said, thinking of the tree full

of limbs and leaves 

and absolutely no flowers or fruits. 

“I will leave the picker 

so that you can also use it 

to reach the ones at the top,” he said.

I think of how my grandmother 

cut a triangle in the top of a grapefruit, 

poured a spoonful of condensed milk inside 

and gave me the sweet-tart-treat for a snack.  

I think of Ting —

my favorite Jamaican drink, 

made from grapefruit. 

“It’s the strangest thing,” he said, 

looking up and shaking his head at the fruitless tree. 

The grapefruit season has come 

and gone and I wondered 

What went wrong?  

Then — in early summer, 

the essence of citrus drifted through the yard

I followed my nostrils to the tree

And there,

the white blossoms 

were more than the green leaves. 

And the blossoms

bore tiny-marble like fruits. 

Now, in early fall — 

The bounty of grapefruit appears, 

the limbs bend with fruit

twice the size of my fist. 


I’ve filled my basket, 

squeezed pink juice from them 

and made my version of Ting. 

I’ve also carved a triangle on top 

and poured condensed milk inside. 

I’ve watched my children scoop out the 

Sweet-tart-treat and wrestle

with the paradox of flavors.  
If you live close by and like grapefruits, I would love to share some with you. If not, I can share my

Ting recipe with you — which, I am delighted to l learn, is delicious and refreshing with Champagne.

Think Grapefruit-Mimosa 🙂
This week I typed Cadence into Google when I realized I was relying heavily on one word. 

I was rewarded with a ten minute video, SEDUCE WITH YOUR VOICE; Lesson in Cadence and Resonance.

I went searching for Cadence and found Resonance. Now the two words will forever be a part of my


If you were to ask, I would say, writing is 50% writing and 50% research.

This week, I am in love with both.   
When my sister, Monalisa, told me she was reading The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams, I ordered my copy

immediately. Already we are texting quotes, new words, and ideas.

I love reading with her. Do you have a book-friend?

I am also reading A Night Without Armor by Jewel. It’s a book of poems so I just read one or two

before bed.  
Poetry is a passage into those parts of our being where we understand who we have been and

where we discover and decide who and what we will be
. — Jewel

The poem I’m reading this week is When We Grow Up by Athey Thompson.


Thanks again my dear friends for sharing the poems that are near and dear to your hearts. 

Keep sending me your favorite poems and I will record them in the upcoming weeks.   


I am so fascinated by Pelicans. The way they fly in groups. The way they tell fishermen where to find fish. The way they glide over the water and never touch it. I enjoyed watching Ontonio paint this piece!

It is definitely sweater weather and I couldn’t be more proud to be ROCKING hubby’s artwork on my new favorite sweatshirt. Order yours at

Did you know art galleries charge up to 50% commission on an artist’s work? 

I am super grateful for those of you who visited in the past several weeks and made a purchase. May his art bring you the same amount of JOY it gave him while he painted it. 

Ontonio is also a graphic and web designer who created this beautiful blog for me. If you or someone you know would like a logo or website designed, please check him out at  
I’m super thankful for all your support, encouraging comments, your expressions of gratitude, and your financial

Sharing this blog post with your family and friends.

Leaving a tip at PaypalVenmo or Cash App

Until Next Time,

Enjoy Your Next Breath

Kadine Christie

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