Between Sunrise and Sunset

by Kadinechristie

At twilight 

I rolled up my leggings

Inched my feet into the sea 

And sauntered to meet the sunrise. 

I stood in the glow of it 

And let my skin steep in the 

the new light. 


At noon 

I ordered a pina colada, 

Hubby ordered a beer

We sat at the tiki bar 

Watched our children play in the 

Sun and sand and

Dipped their youthful bodies in the 

Deep inlet of the sea. 

Captured on my way to sunrise

“I want to study art in college,” 

a young woman says to three girls spellbound by their cell phones.

“You’re pretty good, maybe you should,” I say 

As I peer at the red and white mushrooms on canvas.

She smiles, thanks me, and stretches out her hand to shake mine.

“I’m Angel Nevaeh — heaven spelt backwards,“ she said.

 Three more girls join their already small table. 

“My parents adopted TEN of us,” Angel said.

Markolee and Zahara in their favorite place.

At sunset 

“I will never love like that again,” 

a voice whispers to the woman sitting beside her. 

The water washes over my flesh

And the sand swallows my feet.

A dad points to the sun setting over the water

Then he points to the moon rising behind us

“Where is the earth?” the young boy asks

“We are on it,” the dad replies. 

The sun. The moon. The earth. 

We are all drifting through the Universe.

Minutes after sunset

The sun disappears

The moon brightens

I stand in the second twilight — amazed 

at beauty of beginnings and endings and 

At all that could happen between sunrise and sunset.


How do you begin and end your days?


I’m burrowing through my memories to write my memoir — a four-decade love story that began with the cutie pie I met at birth. 

Sometimes, the words flow like water from a spring.  Other days, I have to pump like I’m at a dry well. 

I suppose this can be true for all art forms. So, as an encouragement for me and you — 

“Keep going.”

If you haven’t already read my recently published articles, click the links below to read:

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Also, my memoir, I Am Home Within Myself, made it to Paris. It will be traveling with its reader to southern France (about 3 hours northwest of Monaco) this weeked:-)


I finally finished reading From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home by Thembi Locke. 

I love when I finish a book and walk away inspired to do something new. 

In the coming days, I will be researching a Sicilian-inspired charcuterie board and wine from the region Thembi wrote about in her book. Then I will make it for a Siliciian-Inspired Date Night with the hubster and watch the movie, From Scratch, arriving on Netflix October 21st.


The poem I’m reading this week is BE by Jimmy Osborne. 


Thanks again my dear friends for sharing the poems that are near and dear to your hearts. 

Keep sending me your favorite poems and I will record them in the upcoming weeks. 


Guitar Melodies

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I’m super thankful for all your support, encouraging comments, your expressions of gratitude, and your financial contributions. 


Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Next Breath

Kadine Christie

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