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14 Juillet and Hidden Gems of Street Art in Paris

Welcome to My Paris Journal Day 29

14 Juillet is a National Holiday, commemorating the French Revolution. The Festivities made for a was crazzzy-busssy day out in the streets.

My neighbor was nice enough to warn me about the upcoming excitement. But I couldn’t imagine the many roadblocks, the loud jets, and the bustling bodies brushing against each other in the busy streets. 

We left an hour early and DID NOT make it to the Louvre. We got off our stop to catch our connecting Metro, only to find that the NO.7 wasn’t running that day.  We jumped back onto the Metro and it ZOOMED past our stop and we got off in an unfamiliar yet fascinating neighborhood.

We searched for another station, which is to say, we walked an hour, only to arrive at the station with the gates pulled down and padlocked.  

Like the jets flying over our heads, the excitement was in the air. People wearing fashion forward and fashion faux pas, strutting dogs, and flashing cameras were everywhere. I’m not one for crowds, so Hubby ordered us an Uber and we made it home just for Wine-Time. We watched the commotion from our patio and I engaged in one of my favorite pastimes–People Watching.

I’ve been fascinated by the street art in Paris. To think, these paintings began in someone’s mind. 

Immediately thought of Zahara and my sister when I saw this elephant and baby piece. What is your spirit animal? 

Black and white can be so intense. The little details here: the red heart on her face, the little black mole above her lips, the tattoo of a woman on her arm. And pause for a moment and look into her eyes.

Zentangles. This form of art is so meditative to me. Creating tiny pieces of zentangles helped me through some really difficult times during the COVID lockdown. What helps you when you are anxious? 

It’s a jungle out there. So, Take care of yourself. If you don’t know where to start, join me in having a date with your feet. 

That is not a joke.

For the past four weeks, I’ve been scrubbing, moisturizing, and loving on my feet. They are the vessels that transport me from one adventure to the next. And tending to them is my expression of gratitude.

Until Next time, 

Celebrate your days


Appreciate Art 


Be Well 

Kadine Christie

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