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Wonderful Family Picnic by Cascading Waterfall and Creek.

Welcome to My Paris Journal Day 25

Ontonio pointed out that I had some issues with counting. Today is actually our 25th day in Paris. 

Although we pass this spot almost every day, I SAW it for the first time today.

The first thing that caught my eyes when we entered Paris were the exercise machines on the sidewalks and in the parks. No need for a gym membership here. Ontonio and I carried our coffee to the park minutes from our apartment. We watched as one person after the other burned some calories and went on their way. Such a peaceful workout under the shade of trees, beside a canal. 

It’s been spray painted and graffiti-fied, but as a lover of tennis, pickleball, and ping pong, I appreciate the idea of having these random concrete tables. The table is ready. Bring friends and paddles.

This is the garden in front of our apartment. Its brimming with flowers all sorts, but these are my favorite.

Ontonio was so excited to run bare feet on the grass… I had to join him. 

Our picnic area was one for the books. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is a must visit if you like waterfall. The sound of water beating on rocks was our soundtrack.

Some shoes were meant for walking, some were made for strolling.

Baguette. Porchuito. Parmesan Cheese. Wine. Peach…and lunch is served. 

Shirtless children had a  great day in the creek.

JUST US TIME was sauntering around the park. A kind woman asked  to take our photo.

Sometimes getting lost mean finding new places.   

Four hours later. And it’s time to say goodbye to the park.

Until Next Time,

Get lost 🙂

+Be Well


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