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Last Dinner Date in Paris and Soulful Jazz Jam Session

Welcome to My Paris Journal Day 31

Ontonio read maybe a book worth of reviews before he booked our last dinner reservation in Paris. I used to be so annoyed at how long it took him to decide on a restaurant, but I’ve learned to let him BE because he’s never failed me with his selection. 

Now, instead of being annoyed, I polish my nails, catch up on a show. Basically, I do anything and everything but plague him with questions. #agoodwifegoals

We ate dinner at a Brazilian and Japanese restaurant. The 🇧🇷 + 🇯🇵 Fusion was an incredible gourmand experience.

To start, I ordered the passion fruit Caipirinha. I also had try the red Capuchinas after dinner which was made with all red fruits— cherry, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries and Cachaça, a Brazilian rum. 

After dinner, we sauntered to  Le Duc Des Lombards, a jazz club that opened at 12A.M.Normally, I would be dreaming at this hour but when I’m Paris, you let loose on order and time.

While standing in line, we met our friends for the night. They got married a year ago and moved to Paris from Lebanon. He misses his guitar. She, her piano. Their love story summed up is this: “We walked into a jazz club as friends and walked out lovers.” 

The veins stood up in the pianist face as he mouthed the words to a song and his fingers danced on the keys. Hot and passionate, He took off his jacket three songs in!! Live music is one of the greatest gift. I need more of it in my life.

It’s all about the bass. Ontonio was eyes closed, head nodding, feet tapping real hard to the bass’ solo. 

I fell in love with the trumpet. 

This soloist knew what she was doing. Her voice was seductive and angelic at the same time. 

It was incredible watching young people play each instrument. It pleased my whole being to know that they are using their time wisely, practicing an instrument and sharing their music. 

Until Next time, 

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Include live music


Be Well


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