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Farewell to the City of Love: Last Day in Paris

Welcome To My Paris Journal: Day 32+33

I fell in love with Paris, slowly. 

Like a tiny spot on a lover’s face or the little hairs at the nape of their neck, it was the small details that wooed me. 

The glimpse of children holding hands.  

Young people spilling out of parks and my own children sitting by Canal St. Martin.

It’s finding our favorite restaurant, where the waiter calls us by name in his French-English accent. 

It’s the daily menu. The waiter handed a man a menu with two dishes crossed out in ink. 

The French and salt are not friends. Hence, Zuri sprinkled a little on her Lunch. Mine was perfect. 

Zahara ordered espresso after dinner:-)

Street artists are truly selfless people. They create, not for recognition, but simply to share their gift with the world. 

What I love about lavender is that the  lavender blooms only after I’ve walked past it. Like the scent is calling me back, akin to warm bed on Saturday morning. 

See NO evil

Speak NO evil

Hear NO evil

This man roasted corn on a cart. People lined up for it!! 

This dog traveled in style.

We took three trains to get to the Palace of Versailles. 

I loved watching them talk about art. 

This room is called the Hall of Mirrors… with 357 mirrors. Clearly, it should be called the Hall of Chandeliers. 

Made me think of the keys my grandparents used in Jamaica.

Among all the large art work, dazzling  chandeliers and painting in the ceilings, it was the large glass doors letting in the breeze and these hooks, as small as a match box, that captured my attention. 

Our last day in Paris, we strolled to our favorite restaurant. On our way to Zahara captured this photo of me and the guys when she realized we were wearing the same colors, unplanned. 

Like a dessert shared, our time in Paris was SWEET! 

We met new friends. 

These two guys are incredible. We spoke via our iTranslate app and Khaled’s très peu (very little) English. If you are ever in Paris, visit them at Cafe des dames place De colonel Fabien. 

We collected so many memorable moments and have so many hilarious stories to share. 

When Ontonio proposed we go to Paris, for FIVE WEEKS, with only our CARRY-ON and a HAND LUGGAGE , I was like WHATTTTT? 

The idea settled in and something about the challenge excited me. The kids too warmed up to the idea and then we brainstormed clever ways to pack enough clothes to last the entire trip. We did it!! (I even have a few pieces of clothing that I didn’t wear.)


33 Nights in Paris has come to an end. Thanks for coming along with me on My Paris Journey.

Until Next Time,

Be well

Au revoir

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