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Visiting 1st Arrondissement. Thrift Stores in Paris. Admiring the Simple Things

Welcome to My Paris Journal Day 32

We took the kids back to the 1st arrondissement—and showed them where we enjoyed Jazz the night before. There were more young people, restaurants, and optical entertainment in this part of Paris. I saw a girl with earrings made of over thirty feathers hanging from ear to breast. I didn’t know Markolee saw her too. “She has a whole chicken in her ear,” he said. I couldn’t agree more.

Reggae Music pumped through the doors and the promise of Latin food pulled us into Barioca. 

Hip Hop came on when we sat down and we sang along to the words. The DJ stopped the music and our voices filled the restaurant. We laugh out loud at ourselves. The bartender/DJ  joined us. Next, He played Afro beats. 

My shoulder moved to the beat. Zuri’s face beamed and we danced together. 

As a bartender, he made my Campari Spritz with Prosecco and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of that before. Bye Bye Tonic water. Hello Prosecco!

“Where are you from?” I asked, the DJ/bartender, astonished by the music variety. “I’m from CONGOOOOOOO”  he sang. His beaming pride brought to mind our Congolese neighbors here. 

The family of five welcomed us with such genuine spirit: The young men taught me a little French, and the parents offered to drive us to the market. Sadly, we won’t get to say goodbye to them because they went to Congo, on vacation. 

On our way home from the restaurant, The girls draped their arms around each other and walked through the train station. Sister-sister moments like this are so precious to me. (Little sister is the taller one here. And big sister is the shortie🤣)

Ontonio and I took to the streets the following morning, and found a few treasures along the way. This blue and gold door with a slot for letters made me happy.

Zoom in and notice the woman’s head turned to the man in the door below. 

Notice now, that he is looking back at her. 

A bee buzzed from one pistachio roll to the other. I think it was its way of telling me what pastry to purchase for breakfast. 

Paris earns the award for the Most Creative in Transportation. This is a bicycle with a small flatbed in the front. The cyclist came to the bakery to pick up several white tubs and bags of baguettes. 

I like to get to know the name of flowers. Let me introduce you to Yellow Yarrow, she is a part of the sunflower flower.

I really-really love doors. 

Simple jewelry display you can do at home. ( I will). 

Ontonio obliged me and we went to three thrift stores. I’m not sure if Paris got the memo that used items should be less expensive than new. 

If I could carry this vintage typewriter, I would have purchased it:-) Instead, I admired it for a while. 

Again… thrift store. Purse was 80€… 

Lunch at Chez Prune was so damn yummy, I ate everything on my plate. 

After lunch, espresso. 

On our way home, we strolled past 

Ontonio’s favorite gallery— ARTAZART. The pieces below are mounted on the glass. I saw them a few weeks ago and they stayed in my mind.

Swing from the tree and reach for the moon.

Braless by the water

Until Next Time,

Embrace Simplicity 


Be well


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